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2.1.3 Editing Areas

The hex window has 2 editing areas: a hex editing area on the left, and an ASCII text area on the right. The cursor can be set into either area by clicking with the mouse.

In the hex editing area, cursor and selections always align on the word width. Hex nibbles can be entered directly. During hex number entry the word is "filled up" startig at the lowest nibble, and the cursor moves to the next word once all nibbles are entered. Nibble edit can be canceled by hitting ESC or placing the cursor somewhere else.

In the text area, ASCII characters can be entered and selected directly without word alignment constraints. Bytes are interpreted in Latin1 encoding. Note that the displayed character codepage also depends on the selected font (Hex|View|Font).

The logical window width (Hex|View|Width) specifies how many hex words are displayed per line. The byte stride of a line is equal to: logical width * sizeof(hex type).

Note: Editing is currently not supported for floating point formats.
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