Download 7yuv Versions

Date File Version
2015-07-29 7yuvSetup-2.5.exe Win32.x86 Installer
2015-07-29 7yuv_2.5_i386.deb Linux.i386 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2015-07-29 7yuv_2.5_i386.tar.gz Linux.i386 without installer
2015-07-29 7yuv_2.5_amd64.deb Linux.x64 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2015-07-29 7yuv_2.5_amd64.tar.gz Linux.x64 without installer
2014-05-02 7yuvSetup-2.4.exe Win32.x86 Installer
2014-05-02 7yuv_2.4_i386.deb Linux.i386 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2014-05-02 7yuv_2.4_i386.tar.gz Linux.i386 without installer
2014-05-02 7yuv_2.4_amd64.deb Linux.x64 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2014-05-02 7yuv_2.4_amd64.tar.gz Linux.x64 without installer
2014-04-27 7yuvSetup-2.3.exe Win32.x86 Installer
2014-04-27 7yuv_2.3_i386.deb Linux.i386 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2014-04-27 7yuv_2.3_i386.tar.gz Linux.i386 without installer
2014-04-21 7yuvSetup-2.2.exe Win32.x86 Installer
2014-04-21 7yuv_2.2_i386.deb Linux.i386 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2014-04-21 7yuv_2.2_i386.tar.gz Linux.i386 without installer
2014-04-21 7yuv_2.2_amd64.deb Linux.x64 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2014-04-21 7yuv_2.2_amd64.tar.gz Linux.x64 without installer
2014-04-19 7yuvSetup-2.1.exe Win32.x86 Installer
2014-04-19 7yuv_2.1_i386.deb Linux.i386 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2014-04-19 7yuv_2.1_i386.tar.gz Linux.i386 without installer
2014-04-14 7yuvSetup-2.0.exe Win32.x86 Installer
2014-04-14 7yuv_2.0_i386.deb Linux.i386 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2014-04-14 7yuv_2.0_i386.tar.gz Linux.i386 without installer
2013-07-08 7yuvSetup-1.8.exe Win32.x86 Installer
2013-07-08 7yuv_1.8_i386.deb Linux.i386 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2013-07-08 7yuv_1.8_i386.tar.gz Linux.i386 without installer
2013-07-08 7yuv_1.8_amd64.deb Linux.x64 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2013-07-08 7yuv_1.8_amd64.tar.gz Linux.x64 without installer
2013-02-13 7yuvSetup-1.7.exe Win32.x86 Installer
2013-02-13 7yuv_1.7_i386.deb Linux.i386 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2013-02-13 7yuv_1.7_amd64.tar.gz Linux.i386 without installer
2013-02-13 7yuv_1.7_amd64.deb Linux.x64 Ubuntu/Debian Installer
2013-02-13 7yuv_1.7_amd64.tar.gz Linux.x64 without installer
2012-05-19 7yuvSetup-1.6.exe Win32.x86 Installer
2012-06-10 7yuv_1.6_amd64.deb Ubuntu/Debian Linux x64 Package
2011-10-26 7yuvSetup-1.5.exe Win32.x86 Installer

Download Fonts

Additonal ZapFonts can be downloaded from the Zap webpage (Mirror)

A few BBC fonts can be downloaded from the Acorn FTP Server at (Mirror)

Additional bitmap fonts in JWP, ZapFont, or BBC Font format can be installed by copying them into the fonts subdirectory inside the 7yuv installation directory.