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6.1 7yuv License Agreement

Software Licence

Please read the following lines carefully before using this software. If you disagree with any of the following, you are not allowed to use this program.

The following license applies to 7yuv application components only. It does not apply to the included Qt libraries which are licensed under the GNU LGPL Version 2.1 with Nokia Qt LGPL Exception Version 1.1.

Shareware Version

You have the right to test this program for a period of 32 days. You are allowed to copy the Shareware-version (and ONLY the Shareware version) and give it to any other person, as long as it is not modified in any way. Under modifications is understood the changing, adding or removing of any files of this package. This provision does not apply to included Qt libraries.

You are NOT allowed to pack this program together with a commercial program or a book. The distribution on shareware collections (CD, DVD, websites, etc.) is also permitted, as long as the original files are not changed in any way.

Use of this software after the trial period is in violation of international copyright law. It is also unfair to the author, who has spent hundreds of hours developing this program.


This program is neither freeware nor public domain. Use after the 32 day trial period requires registration by purchasing a license. See How to Order for details on registration and support.

Registered version

The registered version may be installed on as many computers as desired, as long as it is used by only one person at any one time. Therefore you need only one licence per user without restriction on the number of installations. The usage by multiple people requires additional licences.

Multi-user licences

Additional licences allow an institution, company (including subsidiaries and sub-contractors) or school to install the program on multiple computers. It must be guaranteed that the program is not used by more users at the same time than there are licences purchased. All licences are issued to the same (company) name. Each additional licence also allows a single user to use the program at home.


All mentioned Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners.


We try to develop our software as stable and bug-free as possible, but no software is error free. We cannot guarantee that this software will run error-free in every environment. The software is provided "as is", we take no liability for damage of any sort caused by the use of this software.

Please test this program with non-critical data. We do not guarantee the safety of any data processed with this software. Should you find errors before registration, you accept them if you register. Any reporting of bugs will be accepted, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix them.

Legal domicile is Berlin, Germany.

Datahammer Ltd. & Co. KG, Raoul-Wallenberg-Str. 44, 12679 Berlin, Germany
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