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1.2 How to Order

Via Datahammer website

The easiest way to order the full version of 7yuv is via our website at You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. After the payment was processed a license key and invoice will be sent to your Email address. It can be used to activate the fully functional product. No re-installation is required.

Via Order Form

You can also order via mail, fax, or email by filling in and sending us the enclosed PDF order form. When ordering via order form, you can pay by credit card, or bank account wire transfer (free of charge within the EU). Order forms are processed within 1-3 working days.

When you choose payment by wire transfer you will be sent an invoice, and a reference number that you should mention when sending the money. As soon as we receive your payment, you will receive your license key via email, fax, or mail.


A personal single user license costs EUR 30.
Multi-user licenses are available at discounted rates.

LicensePer-user price
Single user license EUR 30
Additional license 2-10 EUR 21
Additional license 11-20 EUR 18
Additional license 21-50 EUR 15
Additional license 51-...EUR 12

Prices may be subject to German sales tax if you order from within the EU.

The registered version may be installed on as many computers as desired, as long as it is used by only one person at any one time. Therefore you need only one licence per user without restriction on the number of installations. The usage by multiple people requires additional licences.

Multi-user licences allow an institution, company (including subsidiaries and sub-contractors) or school to install the program on multiple computers. It must be guaranteed that the program is not used by more people at the same time than there are licences purchased. All licences are issued to the same (company) name. Each additional licence also allows a single user to use the program at home.


If you order from within the European Union, prices are subject to 19% German sales tax. No taxes are due when you order from outside the European Union, or if you are a commercial customer with a EU tax ID. Your invoice will state included taxes, as well as our EU tax ID.
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