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1.1 What is 7yuv?

7yuv is a Raw Image Data and Hex Editor. The cryptic name comes from its capability to view raw YUV images.

7yuv will open files of any filetype and size, treating them as raw binary data. It can look at data in raw graphics, raw text or hex edit mode. Each mode comes with its own special set of functionality.

Key features of 7yuv

What is Raw Image Data?

Raw image data is unpacked binary graphics data, as used in framebuffers and surfaces on your graphics card or mobile device. It is also the uncompressed output of video codecs. 7yuv is a neat tool to analyze this data after it was dumped into a file.

Some unpacked graphics fileformats also store pixels as raw image data. Example are unpacked BMP and RISC OS Sprite files. 7yuv will recognize and display image data from those file formats.
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