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4.19 Graphics Ruler

The ruler allows to measure horizontal and vertical units: pixels, grid blocks, byte offset, or frame count. The unit to display can be configured via a context menu, which is opened with the right mouse button. Horizontal and vertical rulers have their own independent context menu.

Horizontal and vertical rulers can be configured in decimal or hex number display. The number format of the rulers also affects numbers in the Status Bar.

Frame Width, Frame Height, Grid Width, and Grid Height can also be configured with instant feedback by adjusting the slider triangles.

They light-grey highlighted area visualizes the size of a frame.

The ruler can be disabled and enabled via RawGfx|View|ShowRuler.

See also: RawGfx|View|ShowRuler RawGfx|View|FrameWidth RawGfx|View|FrameHeight RawGfx|View|GridSize
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