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2.3.2 List of Supported Color Formats

NameColor SpaceNo. of PlanesAlpha ChannelEndianessBitorder
1 BPP Indexed1nonoyes
2 BPP Indexed1nonoyes
4 BPP Indexed1nonoyes
8 BPP Indexed1nonono
2 BPP planar Indexed2nonoyes
3 BPP planar Indexed3nonoyes
4 BPP planar Indexed4nonoyes
5 BPP planar Indexed5nonoyes
6 BPP planar Indexed6nonoyes
7 BPP planar Indexed7nonoyes
8 BPP planar Indexed8nonoyes
RGB565 RGB 1noyesno
RGBA1555 RGB 11 bityesno
RGBA4444 RGB 14 bityesno
RGB888 RGB 1noyesno
BGR888 RGB 1noyesno
RGBA8888 RGB 18 bityesno
BGRA8888 RGB 18 bityesno
YUV420 planar I420 YUV 3nonono
YUV420 planar YV12 YUV 3nonono
YUV420 planar IMC3 YUV 3nonono
YUV420 planar IMC1 YUV 3nonono
YUV420 planar IMC4 YUV 2nonono
YUV420 planar IMC2 YUV 2nonono
YUV420 planar NV12 YUV 2nonono
YUV420 planar NV21 YUV 2nonono
YUV420 planar 12-bitYUV 3nonono
YUV420 planar 16-bitYUV 3nonono
YUV422 YUYV YUV 1noyesno
YUV422 UYVY YUV 1noyesno
YUV422 YVYU YUV 1noyesno
YUV422 VYUY YUV 1noyesno
YUV422 planar YV16 YUV 3nonono
YUV422R planar YUV 3nonono
YUV444 YUV 1noyesno
YUV444 planar YUV 3nonono
AYUV YUV 18 bityesno
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